July 2019


Messe Médiévale

10 am- 11 am Cathédral

Book fair

Salon du Livre

During the weekend, the book fair is an opportunity to meet the authors who highlight the medieval fantasy in their books. A dozen authors ranging from youth to university essay through illustrated novels and comics. The Book Fair is also 5 publishing houses and 2 partner bookshops: Métropolis and Espace culturel Leclerc.


Wandering the streets


By Sembadelle

 So the King decides to create an elite patrol to put his subjects’ minds at rest. Five fighters and their faithful mounts from all around the world are recruited and trained – the Militia!

All the day In the city

Wandering the streets


By Sonjévéyés

Exuberant witches appear with Machiavellian laughter and deafening cracks of their whips. They dance around their steaming cauldron, swirling in the flames and joyfully teasing passers-by. 

All the day In the city

Wandering the streets


By Cowprod

Two accomplices steal an egg without knowing what has laid it. In the middle of the night there’s a deafening noise, and they discover a baby dragon, Vikthor, which they decide to raise…

All day In the city

Wandering the streets


By Compagnie du Bord des Mondes

Costo the minotaur, Cyclope the ogre and Satyr the funny faun are led by a wizard who makes them do tricks and clever feats.

All the day In the city

Wandering the streets

Les Faunes

By Arte Flammes

Creatures, half man half goat who entice the adventurous into the forest of which they are the custodians.

All day In the city

Street theatre


By Soukha

These devilish characters create bonds with children and like to  disturb the grown-ups. Fascinating and unsettling, always on the lookout, they roam the streets in a demonic cavalcade. The she-devils push their way forward with tribal dances, acrobatics and the din of beating drums! 

3:30pm-4:15pm PLACE DE GAULLE
8:30pm-9:15pm *only saturday PLACE DE GAULLE

Street theatre


By Tétrofort

Set out on an adventure with Raoul, an arrogant and clumsy knight who will do anything to save the truly blonde princess who has been imprisoned in the castle by a wicked witch. A crazy show! (45mn)

2:15pm-3pm The play garden
4:15pm-5pm The play garden
6:15pm-7pm The play garden

Street theatre

Hysteria Malefika

By Les Monts Rieurs

The chosen one, the servant and the apprentice: three witches. A cauldron, some rather inaccurate spells, some controlled (or not) mistakes which have to be seen to be believed. A delicious and somewhat diabolical show!  (30mn)

3:30pm-4pm PLACE TOWN HALL
6:30pm-7pm PLACE TOWN HALL

Street theatre


By L’Orphéon

The choir gives voice to this ancient work which brings together about a hundred 15th century songs, most of them of Norman origin.

5:15pm-5:55pm PLACE DE GAULLE

Street theatre

Le Gay-Sçavoir

Traditional Norman songs and dances with hurdy-gurdy accompaniment. (30mn)

4:30pm-5pm forecourt of the cathedral

Street theatre

Marina Lys

Let yourself be carried away by the softness and dreaminess of this singer who plays multiple instruments as she re creates her own version of the medieval world. (45mn)

8:30-9:15pm Cathédral

Street theatre


By Jàdys

These three women musicians  will take you on a musical journey from another time, letting you discover medievally-inspired music and song from all over Europe. (30mn)

2pm-2:30pm PLACE TOWN HALL
5pm-5:30pm PLACE TOWN HALL

Street theatre


By Gueule de Loup

According to the legend the tree grew in a single night, entwining a pretty wooden cabin in its branches.  It’s definitely lived in – some musicians who tell  stories of legends have made it their home. (40mn)

2:45pm-3:30pm PLACE DE GAULLE
4:15pm-5pm PLACE DE GAULLE
6pm-6:45pm PLACE DE GAULLE
9:30pm-10:15pm *only saturday PLACE DE GAULLE

Games and activities


Wooden toys and team games for all ages

10 am until evening HOTEL DU DOYEN


Le Chantier

Master craftsmen and journeymen share their ancient skills and know-how in aspects of building: blacksmiths, stone cutters, sculptors, carpenters….

10 am until evening HOTEL DU DOYEN

Games and activities


By Les Contes du Graal

Company will be be re-creating the camp of King Arthur and the knights who sat at his Round Table (continuous activities) . After many medieval initiation rites and trials (all fun), they will be invited to join the Round Table by King Arthur himself.

10am - 8pm (saturday) HÔTEL DU DOYEN
10am - 7pm (sunday) HÔTEL DU DOYEN


Maisons Paysannes de France

This organisation plays role in the protection of rural heritage. It aims to promote traditional farmhouses and peasant houses by encouraging their upkeep and restoration, safeguarding their ecologically sound attributes and protecting their human and environmental surroundings.

10 am until evening PLACE DE GAULLE

Games and activities


By Art6

A model of the eastern part of Bayeux Castle as it was in the 13th century will be presented, together with a medieval mound and its lower bailey (at a scale of 1/72)

10 am until evening PLACE DE GAULLE

Games and activities


By Les Bayeunains

Trollball is a full scale fantasy role play, a clever mixture of “rugby” and fencing.


10 am until evening PLACE DE GAULLE

Games and activities

Les apprentis dragonniers

By Cowprod

An entertainment-activity in which they will dress the children up in costume and teach them the art of catching, taming and riding dragons. They’ll also learn how to fight with swords and axes (made of foam) and will ride the faithful but frisky wooden horse on wheels. Every little dragon master will get a certificate!

11am - 12am *only sunday PLACE DE GAULLE
2pm - 2:45pm PLACE DE GAULLE
5pm - 5:45pm PLACE DE GAULLE
7:15pm - 8pm *only saturday PLACE DE GAULLE



Boendr (the free man) will be presenting a Kaupangr
(Scandinavian artisans’ and merchants’ stall). You can see a
variety of workshops in the encampment - crafts using animal
bones, smelting, weaving, embroidery, woodwork and leatherwork, fishing.

10 am until evening PLACE DE GAULLE


Cité d'Antan

A town during the reign of Saint Louis.

The reign of Louis IX, known as Saint Louis (1226-1270) was long but just. You can discover the daily life of the townspeople (merchants, workers and artisans) through workshops and various activities – hygiene, carpentry, stained glass, calligraphy, cooking, herbalism, music and song.

10 am until evening PLACE DE GAULLE


The Surveyors of Guldrasyl

By Rêves Temporels

After countless quests this clan of barbarians has learned a great deal about the legendary creatures known as dragons and will share some of their secrets with you in a variety of activities based on Nordic and Celtic mythology.  

Axe-throwing for children and adults, a dragon museum, potion-making, writing in runes, identifying dragon footprints, physical challenges and games of skill.

10 am until evening PLACE DE GAULLE

Wild evening

La Horde (Folk’n’roll)

La Horde plies the highways and byways and dusts off folk music with a lively, dancing and off-the-wall show. The four musicians are all passionate about giving the audience a unique performance “outside of time”. On stage they concoct a heady brew of new compositions and unlikely reprises, turning each concert into an experience akin to being on the deck of a ship with a hold full of casks of rum whose evaporating alcohol is escaping as “the Angels’ share”.  (90 mins)


Wild evening


By Turdion

Six “beings” take to the stage – a sorceress, a harlequin, an imp, a warrior, a dragon and a scholar. They are mythological and fantastical, and in direct contact with ‘grimoires’, the ancient Middle Ages tomes of magic, full of recipes for potions and spells. Their show is a fast-paced visual and musical performance based on these magical works. (40mn)

11am-11:45am tourist Office
2pm-2:45pm PLACE DE GAULLE
9:30 pm-10:15pm PLACE TOWN HALL

Games and activities


By L'association Les Bayeunains

Trollball is a full-scale role-playing game, a mixture of rugby and fencing. By Les Bayeunains association



10 am until evening Place de Gaulle


La grande Parade

Fantastical creatures, fire, stilt-walkers, drumbeats….
and FierS à cheval (Proud horses) by the Quidams
Company with their phantasmagorical mounts made of
light and air, and "Les souffleurs de rêves" by the Cielo
Compagny. With more than 500 participants including
companies, performers, acrobats and voluntary
organisations this spectacular, magical event is not to
be missed!

10:30 p.m * in case of bad weather - report on Sunday morning at 11am Departure from Place Saint-Patrice



150 stalls are to be found - creators, artisans and producers shout out
about their wares to the enthusiastic crowds.

(Market also open on Saturday 10am -12pm and Sunday 10am - 7pm)

7pm-12:30am Around the Cathedral
10am-12pm Around the Cathedral
10am-7pm Around the Cathedral